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Struggling to make your mind up between having your patch of parquet in Hastings sanded, and completely renovating your living room flooring? Are there so many services on offer that you feel like just forgetting the whole thing and keeping the fitted carpets? Here to help is a brief summary of the services we offer at the Hastings floor sanding and renovation company. Like most things, they’re perfectly straightforward when simply explained and free of unnecessary jargon.


Floor sanding was our original service when we first started out and it remains the one most in demand with our customers. Our TN34 Hastings floor sanding and restoration team will carry out any necessary repairs to the floor before sanding it up to three times to get it smooth and level for taking the finish. You’ll be amazed at how fresh and clean the wood looks once the dirt and grime have been stripped away!


A full restoration is sometimes the only option when a wooden floor has been neglected for decades, the boards rotting and gap-ridden and the sub-floor levels unstable. The wood floor restoration experts in Hastings will assess the state of the floor and recommend the proper course of action to fully restore it before carrying out all necessary work to do just that.


A repair job is less invasive than a restoration but it can make a huge difference to the finished floor. Boards may need to be replaced, gaps filled in and sub-floor repairs carried out before the boards are ready for sanding and finishing. This will eliminate squeaks and groans, prevent heat loss and give you a good, solid floor, all ready for further treatment.


Properly staining a wooden floor will produce the deep, rich, even glow that our customers often tell us they absolutely love. We use eco-friendly stains only, so there’s no danger of unpleasant or harmful chemicals entering your property and causing adverse reactions. There are lots of different stains to choose from for different effects, and we’ll advise you on which are most appropriate for your floorboards.


The finish we apply will largely determine the final look of the floor. We have many different stains, waxes, lacquers and varnishes for you to choose from, all of them eco-friendly. Some are more appropriate than others for different environments. Varnishing, for example, will seal a floor where spillage is common, whereas staining will get right into the heart of the wood to impart a deep, warm glow in a bedroom or living room.


If your parquet flooring is knocked about a bit (as it usually is!), it can easily be restored to a new lease of life if the work is done properly. The Hastings TN34 parquet floor restoration team have years of experience in replacing broken or missing tiles and making short work of those nasty old bitumen-based adhesives. Leave it to us to resurrect your almost deceased parquet flooring and you’ll be delighted at the results.


Frequently, aged parquet flooring is in such deteriorated condition that it necessitates the replacement of missing and damaged tiles. The bitumen compounds that were commonly employed to secure these tiles to the floor years ago can present a significant challenge. However, our adept parquet floor restoration team is proficient in eradicating this stubborn residue and employing contemporary adhesives to restore your floor to its former brilliance. Count on the skilled Hastings parquet floor restoration team to provide you with a floor that you can take pride in.


Replacing a few parquet tiles may sound like a simple job but it can be tricky. Because of changes in bonding technology, as well as the fragility of old parquet tiles, replacing and re-bonding are skilled tasks, as much art as science. We have the experience, equipment and skills necessary to treat your parquet as it deserves.


When a hardwood floor starts looking dull it needs to be slapped back to life. You don’t need to go through the whole repair, sanding and finishing cycle again to do this. Just call us and we’ll give it a professional buff and polish to make it look as good as new again. We actually recommend that a wooden floor with average traffic should get this treatment every couple of years as part of its general maintenance.


We recommend that you always have the gaps between floorboards filled in as part of the necessary repairs that precede sanding and finishing. Gaps result in heat loss and therefore impact on energy bills and the environment. Our seals and fillers are eco-friendly and far superior to general-purpose ones, which will quickly deteriorate and fall into the sub-floor space.


A wooden floor that has been repaired, sanded and finished by the Hastings floor sanding TN34 and restoration team will last you quite a few years, provided you take care of it. This means calling us in to professionally buff and polish it every two years or so. It depends on traffic levels. A bedroom in a quiet home could look great for a decade without treatment, whereas on in a busy family house with kids and pets will probably need the treatment every two years. In an office that could be even less.


The Hastings commercial floor sanding team can work outside of regular office hours to give you a floor that will impress visitors and eloquently persuade them that you do indeed mean business. A crisp and clean office floor will reinforce your corporate image no end, whilst a polished wooden floor in a shop can really draw in the customers.


Our specialist teams in Hastings are used to working during school holidays to protect school floors and make ensure that they look fresh and new for the coming term. This is a challenging environment that we have plenty of experience of working in.


As an environmentally aware company, the Hastings floor sanding and finishing experts use only eco-friendly finishes and seals. We select the right ones for the job, too, as they must be used appropriately and according to customer requirements and the type of hardwood we’re working with.

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